Insurance Policy

We are in-network providers under most health insurance plans. When you schedule your initial evaluation, we will ask for your insurance information so we may contact your medical insurance and verify coverage for physical therapy. As a service, you will receive a summary of your estimated PT coverage at your first visit if we are able to verify this information. Please note we pass along the information the insurance company tells us, and it is a patient’s responsibility to be aware of their coverage. Estimated co-payments and estimated deductible payments are due at each visit. Actual visit cost is determined when the explanation of benefits (EOB) is received back from your insurance company.

If your plan applies a deductible to your physical therapy visits, we will be able to provide an estimate for cost of services. Please note that each therapy session can vary depending on what your PT does with you that day, which is why there are times we may not be able to provide an exact dollar figure. Your insurance company will have an allowed amount, which you will be billed until your deductible is met. Each patient is different and treatment plans vary, so we will do our best to give you a ballpark estimate until your claims are returned from your insurance company.

If we notice your claims are not processing as we were told by your insurance company, we will let you know. Any balance owed will be billed via mail, and statements are processed on a monthly basis. Our office will only bill you what your insurance says is patient responsibility per the explanation of benefits (EOB). If we have underestimated the amount the insurance company will pay us and you have overpaid, we will issue you a refund once all your dates of service have been processed.

North Carolina is a direct access state which means that most insurance companies will allow patients to access physical therapy services without a prescription from a physician. Medicare, workers’ compensation, and auto cases all require a prescription from a physician before services are rendered. We will work with your physician and insurance company to obtain authorization for therapy when required.

We offer a self-pay rate for patients without insurance coverage. Please contact our office at 919.556.4678 if you would like more information about your physical therapy benefits or self-pay information.