Workers’ Compensation

Whether you have a job which involves manual labor or you work behind a desk, we can all get injured at work. Orthopedic Physical Therapy partners with several workers’ compensation programs to get you better and back on the job. If you have been injured and would like to attend physical rehabilitation close to home, please have your case manager contact us at 919.556.4678.

We will need the following information from your workers’ compensation company to get your case started:

  • Claim number & payer
  • Date of injury
  • Physician’s prescription
  • Authorization with visit limit from payer

In addition to standard workers’ compensation cases, our office also handles work hardening caseloads with specific job training for professions involving long periods of lifting, standing, pulling, or other manual labor.

Once your case is authorized, we will schedule you for an initial evaluation with your physical therapist. We will continue to track your authorizations throughout your treatment to be sure you have enough visits to get you back to work.

Have Questions About Workers’ Compensation?