Stretch Therapy

One-on-one assisted stretch therapy can improve range of motion and prevent injuries. Stretching with a therapist allows release of tissue restrictions and alleviates muscle tightness, which improves aches and pains. Patients who work with a stretch therapist see improvements in their day-to-day and fitness function.

While we include stretching as part of most of our physical therapy treatments, many patients find it beneficial to do longer sessions in conjunction with PT or upon discharge to maximize their flexibility. We are happy to offer one-on-one assisted stretch sessions with certified personal trainer Dana Buschine at our Wake Forest training facility.

Dana is experienced in stretching clients of all ages and fitness levels, and can help you reach your potential for less pain and more function.

30 minute stretch | $40

45 minute stretch | $60

60 minute stretch | $80

Contact us today if you’d like to schedule your stretch therapy session in Wake Forest!

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