Vestibular & Balance Clinic

Feeling dizzy or unsteady is definitely not a good feeling. Luckily, Orthopedic Physical Therapy offers vestibular and balance therapy services to help you get back on your feet.

Whether your symptoms have come on over time, arrive out of nowhere, or you have had a recent head injury, physical therapy may be an option to stabilize you. Our balance expert will determine the best treatment plan for you in conjunction with your physician.

What to expect

When you come in for your initial evaluation, we will ask you to fill out some paperwork to get a thorough medical history.  Your therapist will consult with you in a private treatment room where you can discuss your symptoms and they can educate you about your condition and a treatment plan. During this visit, your PT may conduct some tests to bring on your symptoms. Although this may be a little unpleasant, it is the best way for him to diagnose your condition and determine what we need to do to fix it. Your therapist may also give you “homework” to take home – these exercises can help you restore normal vestibular function.

We provide vestibular care for:

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