Running & Gait Analysis

Research has shown that approximately 50% of recreational runners will sustain an injury that will interrupt their training. The incidence of injury is even higher amongst marathoners, increasing to 90%. At Ortho PT, we have combined years of experience with technology to advise runners on areas for performance enhancement and injury prevention.

We are proud to offer Video Running and Gait Analysis as a tool to help prevent injury and improve running performance. Athletes get into trouble when major strength and flexibility compensations occur over an extended period of time. Our running analysis program is a scientifically-based and highly individualized process which reveals a lot about how the body moves.

Our running expert at Orthopedic Physical Therapy is Olivier Chassin DPT, who has extensive knowledge of running techniques and injuries and can treat athletes at all skill levels.

Our initial session ($100) includes:

  • Medical and running history
  • Detailed strength and flexibility assessment
  • Video running or gait analysis
  • Review of findings
  • Strategies for injury prevention
  • Individualized corrective exercise program

Our follow-up ($70) session includes:

  • Corrective exercise review
  • Corrective exercise progression

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