Pre & Post-Natal Conditions

Most women can benefit from physical therapy during or after pregnancy. Bringing new life into the world is a wonderful and rewarding experience, however some women may have painful conditions pop up in the 40 weeks it takes to grow new life.

Common conditions pregnant women can suffer from – and can be treated during pregnancy – include:

We can help relieve the discomfort you experience as your body changes. Ortho PT even has a special pregnancy pillow that will allow you to safely and comfortably lay on your stomach during treatment!

After giving birth, you will probably notice some changes to your body. If you had a C-section or needed an episiotomy, scar tissue will remain. Our women’s health therapist can help with external and/or internal scar tissue mobilizations to maximize healing. Overall, your pelvic floor has been weakened and muscles stretched, so physical therapy is a good idea to get everything back where it needs to be. You may also experience bladder incontinence or pain with intercourse as time moves on.

We want to make you as comfortable as you can possibly be during this exciting time in your life. Please give us a call at 919.556.4678 to make an appointment with our pelvic health specialist.

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