I am an ER nurse and broke my ankle during hiking in April 2016. After surgery, I found PT Olivier Chassin in google search who was rated as the best PT in triangle area. I am glad that I made right decision and drove 2 hours round trip, twice a week for 8 weeks. Today, one year after my PT, I walk as normal person; Completed my 5K running; Swim in Lifetime Gym; Went back my hiking trip. In March of 2017, I went to Italy and Vatican for 12 days, daily tour by walking. My feet carried me to everywhere without issue. Olivier Chassin is not only providing hand on rehabilitation activities for me at PT gym, but also he gave me recovery homework instructions and demonstrated the correct movements. Everyday, whenever I walk, I can “see” him with correct posture. I use the colorful elastic belts daily that he provided to me. Each PT session in Orthopedic Physical Therapy Associate, I felt I was having a family reunion. Friendly staff always bring me laughs and happiness that distracted my pain and fatigue. I was always looking forward my next session. Everyone is super nice, they bend backward to be excellent role model and to meet patient satisfactions and expectations. I highly recommend Orthopedic Physical Therapy Associate. They won’t disappoint you.