With my torn rotator cuff now healed and half frozen shoulder, I met Olivier for the first time this week for rehab and he is fabulous. I was hesitant to even do therapy, because in the past i have been to places where they just stick u in a corner with a rubber band or bike. He was all ears and listened and was very kind and understanding. I feel he truly wants you to succeed and get better. After examination and asking me my symptoms, we proceeded on my shoulder. He was gentle yet firm, pushed me but kindly. I had better movement of my shoulder after I was done then I have had in six months. He believes I can repair my shoulder on my own with his help and not require surgery. I am so ever grateful with tears in my eyes that I found a place close to home that cares, and I won’t live a live in pain and misery. In fact, I hurt my neck yrs ago in an unrelated fall and the therapy is helping that also. I would recommend them to everyone. 😉