I have been going here continually since 2012 and honestly credit the physical therapists, techs and staff here with saving my life. I have some chronic health conditions but the most pressing challenge through 2016 was advanced heart failure from a heart muscle disease that also meant living with an implanted defibrillator/pacemaker. I was in need of a heart transplant for some time, but was not approved a few years ago because of my other significant medical challenges. When I began going here in 2012, I had to use a wheelchair part of the time, due to a serious back injury and compression fractures in my vertabrae. I also had suffered from broken bones due to falls I had from narcolepsy (that was not then well-controlled). I found the team here to be compassionate, creative, encouraging and seemingly passionate to utilize their expertise to help me.

I received so much pain relief from the physical therapy (and personal training sessions; when prescriptions ran out, they offered me the opportunity to continue coming for “personal training” by paying a very reasonable fee per visit, out of pocket). As a result, I was able to significantly decrease the amount of pain meds I took and enjoyed an improved quality of life. And, I grew much stronger.

By 2016, when my heart totally failed and I was reassessed for heart transplant, the doctors recognized the major improvement in my overall strength, walking ability, etc, despite the increased severity of the situation with my heart. I was then approved for transplant, and an appropriate donor heart was found just in time, while I was on life support. Without the help of folks at OrthoPT, I honestly believe it is unlikely I would be here today.

Now, once again, I go to OrthoPT as part of my post-transplant strengthening and recovery. The team here has become like family to me over the years and I look forward to each of my two weekly sessions. Currently, Grant is my physical therapist and I continue to be very favorably impressed by his expertise. Others have worked with me at different times and been great, as well. Notably, the techs who work with clients on their exercises once the one-on-one time with the physical therapist cocludes are an absolutely outstanding group of men and women who themselves are either experienced athletes and/or are preparing to go on to school for PT, OT or to become a PA or MD. They are fun to talk with, upbeat, and knowledgeable in a way that adds significantly to one’s treatment experience.

In conclusion, I recommend OrthoPT in the highest terms. They are fantastic at what they do, are not influenced in their decisions or advice by being in any particular healthcare network, and invest generously in the Wake Forest community.